CloudWatch capabilities for EBS monitoring

CloudWatch EBS Monitoring In our previous blog post we introduced CloudWatch envimation, CloudWatch Dashboard automation service, that allows you to generate dashboards for your EC2 instances easily. EBS volumes are a vital part of almost any infrastructure running on EC2 instances. Luckily, CloudWatch provides a number of metrics for EBS volumes. Since EBS volumes are a separate entity in AWS, when you create EC2 instance monitoring dashboards, the EBS metrics are not included by default.

Easy AWS Monitoring using CloudWatch envimation

CloudWatch envimation In our previous blog post we talked about CloudWatch Dashboards and how to create them using either AWS console or AWS CLI. We also covered some of the difficulties arising when your infrastructure grows, and you want to get the most out of the available CloudWatch metrics. Let’s quickly wrap up pros and cons of using CloudWatch dashboards for data visualisation. PROs No external agents required, in fact, no configuration on your existing EC2 instances required Access to your data visualisation and monitoring within AWS, using IAM users and roles Native AWS Managed solution, so no need for external service management.

AWS-native monitoring using CloudWatch Dashboards

The Tool Cloud Cloud computing has introduced incredible flexibility in creating and managing servers. Every one of us can now bring up a machine of almost any size and power in a matter of minutes. One can host everything from a simple static blog page to flexible, scalable datacenter distributed across continents. There is one thing all of these use cases have in common though: you still need visibility of your infrastructure state.