Two sides of a coin The better you do the automation, the less the developer needs to think and learn to make it run. So, is the automation of tasks actually bringing us forward or the need to think less makes us simply less knowledgeable? Is the fact that we don’t spend time on daily tasks give us wider possibilities, or is it putting us away from the need to think?

nrpe server in golang

nrpe server In the first part we described how to use golang implementation of NRPE client to retrieve information from a running NRPE daemon. The library enables reusing of the existing nagios nrpe checks and integrating them into a golang monitoring-microservice. It requires NRPE daemon running on the server where the target service is running. The data collected by nrpe daemon provided by nagios plugins narrows down to server-specific parameters such as CPU/memory usage, DiskIO, network,server load and other system metrics.

golang client for nrpe

What is NRPE NRPE stands for Nagios Remote Plugin Executor. It’s a nagios plugin widely used to monitor remote Linux/Unix services or network devices. NRPE allows nagios to monitor any local resources like CPU, Memory, Load, etc by communicating with a NRPE daemon running on the remote server and listening to a port. The communication is done over TCP using the NRPE protocol. Here is a nicely put explanation of the protocol.